The 3 Best Ways To Learn To Jump Rope: Choosing the Right Learning Method


The 3 Best Ways To Learn To Jump Rope: Choosing the Right Learning Method

August 10, 2023

Jump rope is a fun and versatile activity that offers numerous health benefits and an exciting community of enthusiasts. However, when it comes to learning jump rope skills, everyone’s journey is unique. In this blog, we’ll explore three different paths you can take to learn jump rope and find the approach that best suits your needs. Whether you’re a self-learner, prefer personalized coaching, or seek structured guidance, there’s a route tailored to your needs. Let’s dive in and find the one that resonates with you!

1. Teach Yourself using YouTube/Social Media

The vast world of social media and YouTube provides a heaps of free jump rope content. It’s an excellent option for self-motivated individuals who enjoy exploring skills independently. Learning from passionate jump rope influencers, like yours truly, is both inspiring and informative.

However, there are a few caveats to consider:

  • Lack of Structure: Free content often lacks a structured learning path, leaving you unsure about mastering prerequisite skills and whether the skill you’re trying to learn is achievable.
  • Video Selection: You may not always find the best instructional videos or know the names of specific skills you want to learn, which can lead to searching aimlessly.

2 – 1:1 Jump Rope Coaching

For those eager to fast-track their progress, 1:1 jump rope coaching with experienced instructors is an excellent choice. Similar to hiring a personal trainer at the gym, personalised coaching provides tailored guidance, addressing your specific needs and challenges.

However, the main drawback is the significant financial investment. Many jump rope coaches charge around £50 ($60)+ per hour, which can add up considerably if you have frequent sessions.

3 – Fancy Feats – A Comprehensive Jump Rope Learning Platform

If you’re looking for an affordable yet highly effective learning platform built bespoke for jump rope, Fancy Feats app is for you! With plans starting from just £16.67 a month, you gain access to a wealth of resources designed to propel your jump rope journey forward.

Here’s what Fancy Feats has to offer:

  • Skill Map: Develop your unique jump rope style through a structured learning pathway.
  • Six-Week Course: From mastering the basic bounce to nailing skills like crossovers and swing kicks, this course guides you step-by-step.
  • Skill Breakdown: Each skill is broken down into drills, ensuring steady progress and a deep understanding of the techniques.

Best of all, you can try Fancy Feats at no cost for seven days. This risk-free trial allows you to experience the platform’s benefits before making any financial commitment.

Embark on Your Jump Rope Journey Today! 

Whether you choose self-learning, personalised coaching, or the comprehensive resources provided by Fancy Feats, remember that everyone’s journey is unique. Embrace the method that aligns with your goals and preferences, and don’t hesitate to explore multiple avenues to find what works best for you.

Tap your App Store icon now to download the Fancy Feats app and start your FREE trial. Unleash your jump rope potential and experience the joy of mastering impressive skills!

Happy Jumping!

L x

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