Furloughed and bored during lockdown in April 2020, I decided to try my hand at jump rope. Like everyone at the start, I was terrible but there was just enough progress with each jump to get me immediately hooked.

This fun new hobby led me to start my Instagram page, with the aim of keeping myself accountable and connecting with, what was once, a very small community of jumper ropers. One jump lead to another and, before I knew it, I was sharing advanced routines consisting of fancy footwork and crazy tricks and inspiring thousands to try them too. 

I started working with brands and launched my own line of jump ropes which enabled me to quit my job and give my all to my new found passion. While continuing to share my videos online and grow my following to over 3.5 million people in just 3 years across 4 platforms, I embarked on a huge project to self-fund and develop a jump rope app from scratch.

After a lot of saving and hard work, I was able to launch Fancy Feats app in 2023. There’s so much more in store for the app but it’s already helping so many people reach their full potential with the rope.

This sport has brought me so much joy in such a short time and my mission is to keep spreading that joy with the world. This is only the beginning of my story!

L x

how did i learn to jump rope so fast?

I was SO determined! I literally spent hours trawling the internet for tutorials and slowing down videos to understand what I needed to do to achieve different skills. I paired this with consistent practice and, after a lot of trial and error, I eventually figured out a learning process that got me progressing quickly for each skill.

With perseverance, you can do exactly the same and learn that way too! But I’ve also put these exact steps and processes into my app, Fancy Feats, for anyone who doesn’t have as much time and patience as I did back then to figure it all out!

APR 2020

DEC 2020

jan 2021

FEB 2022

FEB 2023

Started jump rope & Lauren Jumps

Started working with brands and quit my job

Launched my own line of jump ropes

Started building Fancy Feats app

Launched Fancy Feats app

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